Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Favorite Baby/Toddler Apps

Today's post is about Apps! I don't know about you but my daughter is crazy about my mobile devices. She used to be crazy about my phone at first, then she moved onto the ipad and it's been her favorite since. I have downloaded a ton of free and paid apps since this started and there's only a few which have remained a favorite for her. Here is our list:

Peekaboo: Ladybird Baby Touch

Interactive, Fun, Colorful, has sounds, teaches them objects and animals.

Happy Babies: Ladybird Baby Touch

Similar but its about momma and babies. We loved it just as much as the first. :)

Juno's Piano - Learn Songs, Play with Parents, and Free Play HD

Let them go crazy on the free play here.

Interactive Alphabet ABCs

 Fun, Colorful and Interactive.

Peekaboo Fridge

(You can download peekaboo friends and peekaboo presents for free)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally appisode

 Fun Interactive game/ video.

Miss Spider's Bedtime Story for the iPad (Free)

 Has a video (Scarlett's Favorite), story option, puzzle, color, match game.

The Lonely Beast ABC

 Fun, Unique & Interactive Alphabet learning.

Wood Puzzle First Years HD Lite (Free)

 This one is fun, interactive but your child might get stressed trying to move the pieces.

WATCH Disney Junior (Free)

 Watch free videos or if you have Comcast watch Live Disney Jr on your ipad, Internet connection is required.

Nighty Night! HD

Cute, Interactive bedtime book, you help turn off the lights so everyone can go to sleep.

Xylophone from Interactive Alphabet (Free)

This is basically the Xylophone from the letter X in the alphabet app above, you can get this as a standalone app for free and it has extra features.

So, those are her favorite apps. She has a lot more, she doesn't play them all at once or every day but this way she has variety and she doesn't get bored. 

I should also note, I was not paid to post these on my blog, I am not an affiliate nor do I get anything for posting these here except for the single pleasure of sharing.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy these apps as much as we have. If you have an recommendations for me, please leave me a comment with them, we are always looking to try new ones. 

I Hope everyone has a great day, I'm off to make a little bears lunch. :)

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