Saturday, December 22, 2012

A sick little bear.

I apologize for not updating these past few days but we have been down with some sort of bug that is going around. :( My little bear has been so good considering, it reminds me just how strong, positive and sweet thing she is. She's always in such a great mood unless things are really bad.

I hope everyone stays healthy, warm and safe during the holidays. During times like this, the holidays,  I miss my mommy so much (she lives in Spain), I long for a hug from her & her yummy cooking. no one can ever cook like mom can! anyways, here are some pictures I took throughout the week.
 She loves outdoors.
 Crushing up an old crunchy leaf.
 She loves my hat.
 A sick little bear wearing one of my hats.

 Getting ready to help mommy do the dishes.
 so cute, she makes them hug, dance, kiss and jump around.
 Murray & Elmo Scarlett's newest bff's.

I love peppermint stuff so I had to get this, Baking these tomorrow.

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