Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finally! Tree Day. :)

Today, we finally dedicated ourselves to the tedious task of going to buy a tree and put it up. I love Christmas but getting the tree and unpacking it is just so time consuming with a little one in tow, it just seems to take much longer and you know all they want to do is take it all back down.  I get it though, I would want to do the same.  I mean, there is something just so magical about decorations. They sparkle, they have different textures and colors...everything is just so pretty. That is also the main reason why we didn't go too crazy on decorations this year.  We don't want to get upset if she takes them down and breaks them.  So the more important ones are near the top.  The rest are plastic and we will not be heart broken if they need to be tossed away. :)

Well, time for a nice relaxing weekend. Hope everyone enjoys theirs. :)

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  1. Oh.em.gee! She has her own kitchen set! Adorable!