Thursday, December 13, 2012

A foodie in the making!

Today I was thinking about how happy I am that my little girl loves to eat, even though right now she is eating a little less than her usual amount, she still loves food and says "yum!" when she sees food. I love that she is so open to trying everything I give her. Just yesterday she held broccoli in her hand and made it seem so good. :) I thought I'd share a little collage of some of the meals she has eaten lately.

I know I have gotten lucky here, not all children are so eager to eat everything that is put in front of them and not always will they like everything they are given, but one thing I have learned is that my daughter likes me to keep it fresh. If I repeat foods too much or they start lacking color and variety she seems to not eat so well. So if there is anything I can ever suggest to any parent food related wise, it is keep it fun, fresh and full of variety and don't give up, because even if they don't like something right now, that doesn't mean they will not like it later... or it may just mean, they didnt like it that way but would be open to eating it in other ways.

Another thing that would be a good option for a picky eater is a smoothie, add fruits, juice, yoghurt, soy milk, even some veggies... blend and voila! lots of nutrition packed in a delicious drink. If my blender  was not broken at the moment, I would be making them right now too. :((

well, we are off to bed, I have a sleepy bear and she wants her mama. Good night and sweet dreams, hope everyone gets lots of their much needed rest. :)

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