Friday, April 12, 2013

Recipe: Rainbow Rice Sensory Box (Alcohol Free)

It's Friday!!! Woooooo!!! Today Scarlett had a playdate and we (I) have been dying to try the whole sensory box idea. I am sure if you a pinterest user you may have seen tons of pins about these.

I came across a few different recipes, I went with the vinegar version because I didn't like the idea of alcohol all over the rice and possibly on her hands and then into her mouth. Anyways, here is my recipe, walk through. I could have taken more pictures but it's so easy that I got carried away.

You will need:

Zip lock bags (sandwich size) or plastic containers you don't care about.
Cheap Rice (2 cups per color)
Food Colors (you can use natural dyes) (a few drops or more per color)
Distilled White Vinegar (2 tbsp per color)
something like a cookie tray or anything you can use to lay the rice on to dry over night (it could stain)

First thing you will need to do is place your 2 cups of rice in your zip lock bag or container, add your 2 tbsp (tablespoon) of vinegar and then add your food coloring in, stir it if you are using a container or close your zip lock bag and shake it around till all the rice is covered. open the zip lock bag and place on the tray to dry out.

Rinse and repeat. I left mine to dry a few hours before I moved mine but that could vary per home depending on climate. if you can and it feels dry on top, try braking it up some so it gets some air and leave to dry more. :)

I hope you enjoy this, I know the kids had a blast and even I enjoyed it my self.

Warning! If you have wild ones and they are not old enough to understand to stay in the box, I would recommend doing this outside unless you want to be picking up lots and lots of rice. hahahaha

here are some pictures of our playdate from today, I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. :D

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