Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How Cute is this little house?

Imaginarium Wooden Farm Set. 
(Pig also included but plastic veggies and orange shape is not)

I just had to share my daughters latest toy, it's a little farm house and I got it on sale recently from Toys'R'US for $15.99, but I believe it is now going for $19.99. They little characters are so adorable and I find them to be safe for my daughter who is 16 Months. The house is pretty cute as well and i did have to build it but it didn't take me that long, specially considering I used a normal screwdriver. It also comes with a paper mat but my daughter would destroy that in a second, so i didn't lay it down.

So that is enough of that toy, we have also been playing a lot of puzzles on our ipad and she has gotten so good at the single piece ones, but she has recently started doing 4 piece puzzles and just yesterday I caught her playing a card match game on the Winnie the pooh app. I am so happy about this, she has been doing real puzzles since November but was always so frustrated by the ones on the ipad until now. It's crazy that she is not even a year and half and she can navigate through the ipad so well, she finds her apps, opens & closes them on her own. :)

New year has been great and I have been working on our resolutions, eating better, working out, dedicating more time to the little care-bear, also adding some me time to the agenda and just today i dealt with one of my bad habits, I cleaned my make up brushes! I will be cleaning those bad boys every time I use them. :D

Would anyone like me to share recipes for things we eat? or maybe ideas of meal plans or snacks?

Well, I hope to have up a recipe very soon for a kid friendly craft or activity soon.

(I should note that I was not paid nor am I in anyway affiliated with toys'r'us or the Imaginarium brand)

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