Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whole 30 Update, Day 30

So, I have been away from the blog for quite a bit. I do apologize. I was just not motivated to type anything. between cooking so many times a day, taking care of my little carebear (teething) and cleaning I didn't get much free time to my self, so I just spent that time doing stuff to relax.

Day 30!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy to have reached it Feb 19 to be exact, though I do plan to eat like this the a lot of the time, I will still indulge in some non paleo foods every now and then. tehehe

so, What have I learned from this experience? I have learned that my old way of eating were hurting me (my body), I was always worrying, tired, having anxiety and panic attacks at times, I felt depressed and I disliked how I felt, my body ached, my bm were not regular, I would get bad PMS. I also learned that the Whole 30 Helped me get my body and sanity back. I feel so much happier, energetic, I hardly worry, no anxiety, I sleep better (as good as a co-sleeping bf mom can sleep), I ache less, I am regular, PMS gone! I feel content and I enjoy motherhood so much more now.

One thing I am also happy about is my skin, I have been struggling with adult acne/rosacia since I moved to the U.S, I'm not sure which it was or if i had both, but i dreaded going to a dermatologist only to be put on strong medicines that are not very good for the body, so like many people i kept trying stuff but nothing worked and it just made it worse. Since the whole30, the redness has gone, the amount of acne has gone down severely and if i would actually quit wearing makeup, it would just heal up. :(

I have decided to cut back on sugary stuff, wheat, corn and other crops and pulses, I have also decided to avoid dairy as much as humanly possible because I just dont think it agrees with me and my body would be happy without it.

Update: its been over a week since I finished my whole 30, my skin has kept on clearing up, I still feel good, I feel so much happier, I will definitely need to do more whole30's in the future to keep my body doing its best.

Have you tried the whole30 challenge, if so... how was it for you? did you find it hard? did you learn anything from it?

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